Thank you for visiting my website James A Wilson@Wiws Photography. I don’t know how you found the page but it is more than likely that you are looking to get some photographs of your Pet, Pooch or Pony. Either that or you are someone who knows me who is having a bit of a nosey.

Either way we hopefully have something in common. That being the love of animals and  how we might capture their memory in photographs that we can cherish.

So what is my role in this?

Although my experience as a commercial photographer in the equine and canine world is limited I have always been surrounded by dogs including spending two year working with the local police force dog section creating video content that was shared nationwide.

As for horses, who can not be facinated by the magnificence of the beast that helped mankind change the world. Their wonderment and how to capture this  as a still image has been the focus of my studies over the past two years and will continue to be for years to come.

I also have a vast experience of  corporate video production and wildlife photography, both of which I have successfully carried out  for  over twenty  years. The skills and understanding gained in this time have proven to be invaluable in my quest to become recognised  for my equine and canine photography. With this eventually becoming my full time job.

Finally like most who have been on a journey of learning there are people who have assisted greatly. Without their guidance the journey would no doubtedly have been longer and harder. Through their selflessness they have put me in the position that I can now offer you a service  creating memories that hopefully you will treasure for ever and that I will proudly put my name to.

James A Wilson